Monday, June 14, 2010


This morning i woke up and as i was getting ready to put Luke in the car i noticed his hair is starting to grow back he's got a little 5 o'clock shadow going on.
speaking of hair isn't it weird that his hair fell out but that his eyebrows stayed???

My wife also noticed that in some pictures recently taken that Luke had some red eye in his left eye which we took as a great sign.

Other then that it's been a good couple weeks. Luke's been active and walking around more and talking more everyday.

This is Luke's first visit to the doctors since chemo (excluding blood work)
We told the doctors about the red eye in the pictures and she agreed that it could be a good sign
(side note) ( if you've ever watched a show on HBO called Nurse Jackie. it's got the chick who played the mom on the Sopranos. There's a female doctor on the show and that's who Luke's doctor looks like it's funny)

So she comes out and tells us that again were not out of the woods yet.
Luke's retina has fully reattached in his left eye although there is still tumors in his eyes.
although things are really looking good.
They did some more freezing and lazering of the tumors
They pictures from this exam this time you can see the massive changes from the first one.

While i was waiting in the waiting room while Luke was in recovery i noticed our doctor talking to some other parents. So i decided to ask about there child and it tuns out she too has bi-lateral retnoblastoma. we got talking and it turns out her daughter was not as lucky as our son as she has had her eye removed.

So as the doctor said we will wait and see how things go and we back again next month