Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Canadian Chill

Greetings everyone

I've decided since Luke has been such a great spokes person for Sick Kids that I would do my part.

I've decided to jump into freezing cold Lake Ontario. January 1st

Please help with any donations you can. It is short notice but I'm sure we can raise 300$ and more in 2 weeks click on sponsor a participant and search Jess I'm the only one.

Thanks in advance for your help and support

Friday, December 2, 2011

Left Eye

You know when you prepare yourself for something but then when it comes time to actually do it you start to have second thought? Like bungee jumping or sky diving?

Well this was sort of the same thing. You know every possible out come, you talk yourself into doing it but some how when it comes time to do it you think to yourself WAIT maybe there's something else we could try.

You get over those feelings. When you realise that the little person in front of you has suffered enough Chemo, needles, tests, being poked and prodded and that This is the right thing.

Luke's day started early getting his port accessed and having blood work done.

then down to the pre-op area to get his eye drops that would dilate his eyes. this time 3 sets of eye drops instead of 2.

We've found now that he's getting older that he hates going into the operating room. He knows whats going to happen. So lately we've been giving him some drug to help him mellow out. Seems like pretty good stuff to.

I took him in this time. I put on the white sterile suit they give you the little booties that don't fit on my shoes and the bathing cap and take Luke in. He had been sleepy so we didn't give him any drugs but as soon as i picked him up he noticed what i was wearing and started screaming. I had to bring him in and lay him on that little table while listening him cry out No daddy No. Heart breaking stuff it was.

Then out for lunch the whole thing take around 4 hours. First they do another EUA just to make sure they haven't missed anything OR that it didn't start to heal by some grace of god.
Then they take it out. They will preform a whole bunch of tests on it and then I'm getting a piece for Luke. When he gets older i want him to see what was going on in there it's one thing to see a picture but another to actually see it in real life.

Out of the OR and up to a floor for 2 days. I expected more bandages like as if he'd had brain surgery or something but it was just a really bulky eye patch.

It had been a while since we'd tried Morphine for pain so we thought we'd give it a try small doses.
Not sure if it was the drugs or the surgery itself but he was a miserable grump the whole time. I spent the 2 days in the hospital with him and he wouldn't eat or drink anything till about 9 am the second day. I had to bribe him with popcorn that a friend had brought in. one piece of popcorn for a sip of water then another and another. finally around 1030am he was hungry so i packed him into a wheel chair and took him and his IV down for some pancakes. He ate the whole thing + fruit+ juice +water + crackers + more popcorn.

About 4pm they came in to take off the patch. WOW was this a tense time. WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE??

It looked normal?? looked like he'd been in a fight. All he had was a black eye. it took him a day before he would fully open his eye but it kinda looks normal. Doesn't move all that much but unless your up close you really wouldn't notice. I think anyways.


ever tried to get a 3 year old to wear glasses for a extended period of time. Were trying to.
We went out and got him a pair of Flexible glasses that can move and bend and twist in all sorts of directions with a pair of safety glass lenses. 2 pairs.

now the battle is getting him to wear them and stop touching the lenses which get all mucked up with finger prints. (will take advice on this)

That's about it 6 weeks we'll go back and have another EUA.