Friday, July 13, 2012

July friday the 13th 2012

I guess i should keep this more up to date and stop writing on the "unlucky" days.

What has happened in the last 6 months?

Luke got a prosthetic eye and with a couple adjustments we think its starting to fit right. Luckily it hasn't fallen out yet and there have been 0 issues with it.

Our last visit to the hospital was a trip to the exam room rather then the surgery floor. They tried (somewhat successfully) to look  in Luke's eye while he was awake. Next time we go it will be another EUA.

Ben was born 9lbs 13 oz. Luke now has a little brother.
We took Ben in to get checked out to see if he had any signs of RB. The doctor proceeded to tell us the chances of him having it were 1/50000 i said that's nice that's what they said about Luke so just check the eye.

Then there was one point of the check up on Ben where they had to put those things in his eyes to keep his eye lids open. The doctor seemed to be concerned that Luke shouldn't be in the room. Personally i thought he should be there to help console his little brother when it was done and that somehow it might help him with his own journey. When the doctor told me we should send Luke out of the room because it might upset him. (Again with a snide comment) Doc he's been through chemo pokes and prodes galore AND had his eye removed i think this would be a cake walk. So the doctor went and did it.

Luke was right in there wanted to watch and everything. When it was all over he went over to Ben and said it's OK buddy (very cute)

SO it seems that Ben is free and clear NO RB. woohooo

For me it seems that this will add another one of those tough questions. From why me? to why only me?
Just another self reflecting life question will will need to be able to answer when the time comes. Oh it will come as it always does whether the child realises it or not inevitably it will come out at some point either during a fight or in some what does it all mean god question on some Sunday night after dinner.

I'm getting excited about the abundance of questions that Luke and Ben will have for me as they get older about everything.

Other then that it's been a pretty quite 6 months.