Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6th

For the past couple weeks we've been dealing with some bad news from our doctor.

The tumor in Luke's left eye has has started to grow again. 3weeks ago we tried something we've never tried before which is to inject a dose of chemo around the eye. Sometimes this works Sometimes it doesn't. Today we found out that in our case it didn't work.

We were told by our doctor that we were never out of the woods and that this was always a possibility. We had never really believed her. Till 3 weeks ago when we sat down and really talked about what we should do if the shot in the eye didn't work.

We had decided that if it didn't take we would opt for one more round of chemo and then that would be it. we both feel that Luke has been through enough but that we should at least try once more with the chemo.

Today we had to stick by our decission. When we saw the pictures from the most recent EUA you could see the tumor had really grown in the last two weeks. Also there seems to have been some seeding which means that this new tumor is spitting out little tumors that are now floating around inside the eye.