Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011

Earlier this month we went for our regularly scheduled EUA and were treated to terrible news. Luke had developed a new tumor in his left eye that the doctors thought would not react well to chemo so they suggested this thing called a plaque. A plaque it turns out is a small piece of thin gold that is radioactive. They insert this small plaque into the muscle of the eye radioactive side pointed at the tumor. This is done maybe once a year on special cases.
OH and they gave us 2 hours to decide.

During this whole event we've been told that radioactive is BAD so i was not very convinced that this was the best case. So i made a couple phone calls in sick kids. turns out there is no one there that was able to answer my questions. so having been told that this operation is done with the help of princess Margaret hospital i called them. I actually got to speak to the fellow that if we agreed to it would be helping with the operation. After several questions and an equal amount of satisfactory answers I hung up feeling better that this choice was OK.

I headed back into the recovery room where Luke and my wife were waiting and told them i was on board. We waited for the doctor to come back and talk to us. When she came back we told her fine that we would be willing to do the operation. This is when she surprised us. That we would be going back on chemo which was a relief. But it sucked because we had built up the confidence to agree to this plaque procedure.

We started our first round of chemo at the beginning of march. It turns out tat this has been our best round of chemo. both days luke reacted well to the chemo and it was not as difficult as the previous rounds. His recovery time was good and didn't really have any problems with counts.

Now today we had our EUA and got some great news. the tumor that had be of such concern turns out to be reacting well to the chemo treatments. Alas we fight one and antoher one turns up though.