Thursday, October 28, 2010

update oct 27

Hello everyone.

Sorry i haven't posted in a while but were going through renovations so that takes up most of my time. that and work and sleep.

Life's been great so far. Luke's doing great and growing like a weed at least 3" in 4 months.
things seem to be getting better with his eye. we just did a vision test and they say that it has improved in his left eye.

as always were not out of the woods but the doc mentioned something about the tumor in his left eye could be calcifying ( turning into a big piece of calcium) which is what we want because they can't remove it so the next best thing is it turning into calcium.

As of now even still besides the lazy eye sometimes you wouldn't know there is anything wrong with Luke. he plays and acts like a normal child.

we've volunteered to work with sick kids as a sort of spokes person for the hospital. if we get any bookings we'll let you know.