Friday, January 7, 2011

end of 2010 begining of 2011

What a roller coaster of a year. And it's not over yet

It all started 11 months ago with finding out about this life changing condition. Our family has been through chemo, eye exams, nights in the hospital, transfusions, colds, restless nights, home renovations, and the worst part of not knowing how it's all going to end.

There have been great mile stones. The first day we patched him and he was still able to see out of his bad eye. His 2 year birthday, The end of 6 rounds of chemo.

The last eye exam of 2010 found us with everything looking good. the doctor gave Luke the OK to go over seas and visit family.

I've been trying to scan pictures to show everyone what we see but i need to upgrade my scanner cause it's taking forever.

What the year ahead will hold for us is still unclear. Personally it think that if the doctors can't get his left eye tumor under control they will opt to have it removed bu you know doctors they won't tell us anything until the last second.

We my wife and I have decided though that we would exhaust all other possibilities before the happens. most one other treatment that we have heard of that they are using in the states where they inject the chemo right into the eye instead of running it through the blood stream like they are doing now, which they say "could be more effective"

Luke Is now 2 and very active. running, playing, talking 2 languages, potty training is going great.

We know that with if we receive the same love and support from our friends and family we will be able to get through anything that life throws at us this year.