Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Chemo

The Eua went very well this time. Apparently the tumor in his left eye they thought was getting bigger turned out to have a cyst in it that had swelled up and when they looked at his eye this time the cyst had popped and the tumor was a lot smaller. so this was a good thing.

Because we were going into our last chemo treatment we were wondering what our other options may be available when this is over. The doctor told us that there was a treatment in the states where they injected chemo directly into the eye via a catheter, But that the research on this is kinda sketchy but it could be an option. our doctor does something similar but they inject chemo around the eye not into the blood stream.

Chemo seemed to go well from what i heard I was sick this time around so i didn't want to get anyone in the hospital sick. Now I'm feeling better and the wife and Luke are sick. Again Chemo treatment was the same with the same outcomes nothing different about this one.