Monday, July 12, 2010

EUA #2

Sorry for the delay in the update

Life since the first EUA.

Has been pretty good after we got home we started to patch his right eye. The first time you do this is like the climax of your favorite book you've been waiting and waiting for this. All you can think about is did everything we just put him through was it worth it?

He really doesn't like it when you put the patch on his eye you kinda have to fight with him a bit. We found the easiest way was to lay him down and hold his hands over his head so he can't move. At first he cries a little and tries to take it off BUT you cuddle a bit and distract him and soon he was walking!! it took him a bit but he was walking around not running into too many things.
SUCCESS Luke has vision in his left eye it's not great and it's limited to the left side of his left eye but that's better then nothing.

Every day we patch his right eye for 2 hours he still doesn't like it.

Well this time round we did something completely different. We first went to get Luke an eye test. It wasn't to spectacular. The lady held up some cards in front of him and he was able to locate the pictures on the card with his eyes. even when she covered his good eye he was still able to find the picture on the card. Then in for the EUA which took about 2 hours this time with more freezing and more lasers. When the doctor came out she told us the same thing that she always tells us it's looking a little better, not out of woods yet, but this time she also mentioned that she thinks Luke would benefit from some more chemo. So we'll see what happens there.

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