Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to chemo

About 3 months after we finished chemo we thought everything was going well.
We were patching his eye every day, his vision in his left eye was there he could see things, walk around, tell mommy from daddy. We thought he was doing great.

We thought we had beaten the odds on this one. Wrong.
Then comes a kick in the gut. It seems a ring of cancer has started to grow again around the area that they have been lazering. They sit us down and tell us we want to give the next 2 round of chemo to be "proactive" in fighting this.
no matter how well we thought things were going they always told us we weren't out of the woods yet.
can't blame them for that. This is still all new to them too. They are not sure what's going to happen next or what the outcome of the treatment will be. So we do our best to treat him like a normal kid and hope that our efforts are not in vain.

Other then this Luke is developing great he's 25 lbs now 84cm tall talking learning words. He is still his same old happy go lucky kid. Because of his lack of contact with other kids we had started taking him to kind of day camp where the parents stay and watch the kids while he plays with the other kids. It's a big learning experiance for him as he is mostly used to interacting with adults.

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