Monday, April 18, 2011

Update april 2011

At our last EUA we spent about as much time in the waiting room as Luke did in the ER. After about 45 minutes the doctor called us back and told us that after the chemo treatment everything was looking good. Now normally we only have to wait about 10-15 minutes before we go into the recovery room but this time it took longer so we got worried. i asked the volunteer to go see whats wrong. she came back said everything is fine and that it should be a couple minutes before we could go see Luke. 5 minutes later a doctor we never saw before came in and asked to speak to us. he said he was the anesthesiologist. Luke as it turns out does not react very well to morphine and so on the pre op sheet we state no morphine or related products. the anesthesiologists always seem to have a problem with this as they can't give him Tylenol either. Their is one drug for pain he can have called Fentanyl. So this doctors tells us that Luke woke up and was in a lot of pain so they put him back to sleep so they could come talk to us about the pain medications they could give. Turns out that it was a misunderstanding because before Luke went into the O.R. we told the other anesthesiologist that he COULD have fentanyl. but it turns out the fentanyl is related to morphine. so they didn't want to give it. Big misunderstanding could have been solved by a couple of questions from the doctors that caused a big deal and Luke to be in a lot of pain. Luke has recovered fine from this EUA. The real problem though is that Luke is getting older now and is slowly beginning to understand what is going on when we go to the hospital. Putting the freezing patch on before we go is becoming a huge deal. Changing him and all the other tasks that we must do when we there there are taking there toll on him. i wonder how long it will be before getting him in the car will be worse.

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