Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello people.

Well since my last post things seem to have gotten better.
the tumor has now shrunk down and is doing better the only problem is the way the tumor shrunk.
the last round of chemo worked to reduce the tumor but what the tumor decided to do was spit out a bunch of seeds ( little baby tumors) as it was shrinking.

This presents us with a whole new set of challenges. between the ages of 3-5 new tumors stop forming. The seeds how ever are not new seeds. They are old tumors that are just floating around inside the eye which still have he potential to grow.

Since we've all decided (us and the doctors) that chemo is not another option. we are left with freezing and laser treatments.

The other day i asked the doctor if i could see the other pictures they don't show us and she said yes. Let me tell you besides the MRI this is the coolest thing I've seen. it' shows both his right and left eyes. it shows the freezing treatment a layer at a time almost like stop motion photography and since the won't let me in the room to watch this was the best they could do.

Things with Luke are getting harder. he is now fully aware of what is happening. First thing in the morning we have to put a freezing patch on his port and it's a struggle (it takes both of us to put it on) once it's on he will hold his hand over his port and it won't move till we do the eye drops later in the morning. Eye drops to dilate his eyes for the exam is another challenge. it takes 3 of us i hold his feet my wife will hold his arms and the nurse puts in the drops.

A couple months ago we started to notice moles developing on his skin just small ones. So being concerned we brought it to the attention of the doctors who got a skin Doctor to come look at them. she said that it was normal for kids who have been to as much chemo as he has for this to happen but just to keep and eye on them because they could lead to more.

So that's where we are sitting right now. freezing and lasers to control the seeds and hoping the tumor doesn't start to grow again.

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  1. Hey there. Good news. Fingers crossed nothing new grows. Harry is back for his next eua in 2 weeks, am very nervous as it will be 8wks since he finished chemo, and if anything was to grow back, it will be this point on it happens. Luke sounds like a tough little cookie who certainly knows his own mind. Bigs hugs x