Monday, April 19, 2010

a little fright

Hey people

On Thursday we went and got Luke's blood work done and it came back really low so they said to look out for certain things like paleness sleeping lots, bleeding, that kind of stuff and on Friday i noticed that we slept a little more then normal for me and he was pale. So i call the wife an we decide to take him in to sick kids just to be safe.
(side note) we were told at the beginning that if we took him in because of these problems then it would be a 2 day affair.... we forgot that

So i drive him down to sick kids and get him admitted. luckily because of his condition he gets his own room right away. but it takes us 24 hours and a night in emerg before we get admitted to the hospital and we saw i think 4 different doctors the whole time we were there.

I would have to guess that our treatment we are following is not a common thing because telling doctors abut him and what he has and explaining everything i found myself having to dumb down my explanation cause they had no idea what i was talking about which was funny.

While we were their they did blood work on him and every time they did it got lower and lower.
So low that by Sunday morning they wanted to transfuse his platelets which help him with clotting. we weren't too sure what we were going to do but we said OK and we didn't leave the hospital till 9 30 pm Sunday.

Luke's back home now we'll see how he is in the morning.

for now everything is OK.

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