Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Round 3 Chemo

Well it's been another 21 days and it all starts over again.

Over the past 3 weeks not much has been going on
Luke has maintained his weight of around 10.5 KG (around 20 lbs) and has grown another 3 cm and now stands at 2 foot 7 inches

He has continued to loose his short hair a little at a time but nothing to noticeable.

The past three hearing tests there seems to be a little trouble with the hearing in his left ear so today during his EUA the ear doctor came by and checked him out and says theirs nothing wrong with his ears so hopefully will get a chance to talk to him and find out what is up with the test results from the hearing tests.

The results from the EUA today were very good. the tumors in both eyes have continued to shrink. Were not out of the woods yet and only time will tell how things will go. We remain hopeful but have accepted that Luke may still lose his left eye.

Today we also met with the geneticist and found out that Luke does have the hereditary form of Retinoblastoma. This means that my wife and I shall be getting tested to see if either of us are carriers of this certain gene. In 6 weeks we;ll find out the results. All it really means is that if we do have the gene our other kids will have a 50% chance of having Retinoblastoma. If we don't then it means that our next children will have a 3% chance of have Retinoblastoma.

Luke's children will have a 50% chance of having Retinoblastoma. ???? How is this something you explain to your child? When do you sit your child down and tell them? How will this news effect his life? What decisions will he make knowing what may happen to his children?
There are so many questions that have come up now i guess the good news is that we will have a couple years to figure this all out.

Tomorrow we will be starting the next round of chemo. He handled the chemo better last time because they gave him a higher dose of some of the drugs which helped him sleep a little better. Also grandma was there to help with the cuddling that keeps Luke calm which was a big help.

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