Wednesday, March 24, 2010

round 2 update

Well so far so good.

Luke's recovering well from his chemo treatment and it's been better for all of us.

we went and had his blood work one on Monday and it came back that he's neutropenic again but no sign of fever or anything else so (knock on wood) all is well on this front.

before his last treatment we had decided to shave his head because his hair had started to fall out. So we did shave his head but we left a little on top kinda like an army cut but the day before he was to start his second round we decided to finish the job and just do it all.

well lets just say that cutting ones hair then a week later cutting it again n a different spot makes the hair tend to be uneven so now he's kinda got he jean luc picard hair cut going on.
Surprisingly though his hair seems to be growing back just fine. so we might have jumped the gun little.

We got a call from the genetics lady she told us that Luke has the genetic type of cancer and that both the wife and i will have to get tested to find out who's got what. if one of us does have it then our next kid has a 50% chance of having retinoblastoma. if we don't then there may be a 3% chance or something like that. they also check us because if one of us does have it then that person will be more prone to getting a cancer later on.

SO that's where we are at right now we don't go for chemo again till around the 5th or so of April.

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