Monday, March 15, 2010

Not out yet

Well it's been awhile since i last posted cause nothing has been going on Luke's been healthy and acting like himself for over a week now.

Today was Luke's second EUA (exam under anesthesia). It went much better the the last one. As you will recall the last time he was sick and this caused problems with his breathing and his O2 stats causing us to spend the night in the hospital with him.

This time everything went fine and there were no problem although we did learn one thing. ONLY SMALL AMOUNTS OF LIQUID AFTER. even though he was starving and thirsty i gave him way to much juice and water we should have waited.

So the doctor went in and had a good look at his eyes. Her report was this. his eyes have responded well to the chemo. His right eye tumors have reduced a bit and she used the laser on them to try and shrink them more and the vision in his right eye is perfect. they took pictures of his eye which i will post later.
The tumor in his left eye has shrunk by 50% which is awesome but she warned us that when it shrunk it shattered into a million little tumors which is bad for treatment because it's harder to go in and zap them all.

she warned us that he may still lose his left eye and we will look at it at our next EUA.

my personal feelings are that if the tumors have reacted this well to the chemo then we will wait till after the third treatment to make the call on if we should take the eye or not.

Tomorrow is our next round of chemo

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