Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little scare

So this morning after i woke up i came into the kitchen to notice their was something wrong with his eye. It was all red and watery. We got a little concerned and so we called our nurse and she told us to come down to the hospital to get it looked. The main concern being with his counts so low that their could be something seriously wrong.

So packed up and down to the hospital we go. having Luke being neutropenic we got put int a private waiting room to wait for the doctor. It also means that we get seen faster. The Doctor came promptly and took a look. He put a special dye in Luke's eye check out what the worst case would be and that was a form of cold sore in his eye.

But everything was fine he has a little bit of eye irritation for which the doc gave us some drops for.
The good news of today is that when the doctor looked into his eyes i noticed that he was squinting which is something he wasn't doing when we went in for our first visit.
i mentioned it to the doctor and he agreed that there seems to be some progress from the chemo. He said that the tumor seemed to have shrunk on the bottom. :) YEAH

Then we went upstairs and had his bum looked at and the doctor said that some discolouration is normal with chemo maybe not in the bum but on some areas of the body. So all is well with the bum.

Then back downstairs for a CBC test which means we don't have to go tomorrow but i do have to go for another one on Friday just to make sure that his blood counts are going the way they are supposed to.

more on Friday........

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