Tuesday, March 16, 2010

round 2

I'm not sure what we did differently this time but what a difference.
It could have been that we didn't give him any milk before chemo.
It could have been that the doctors increased some of the drugs
but today was better then the last time Luke slept most of the time without the agitation of what ever was wrong last time. i guess having grandma there to cuddle him didn't hurt either.

Turns out Luke has grown 2cm since his last visit 3 weeks ago WOW let hope he keeps the snider height and keeps growing :)

We went and had another hearing test done before we started chemo. We will be doing this every time because the chemo can affect certain parts of the hearing so they test to make sure he's OK.

One of the side effects that no one told us before of having and EUA is that when they incubate during the procedure is that the tube which runs from his ear to his throat (Eustachian tube)
tends to get a little clogged up causing him to not hear lower sounds. it's not a huge problem but it messes with the hearing tests so next time we have an EUA the ear/nose/throat doc will take a look at it.

they gave him laysics again today (it helps him pee) and boy does this stuff work. Peed on me peed on grandma.

other then that it was a good day and were back at it again tomorrow.

if you have any questions please feel free to comment and i can answer them as best i can. I'm sure you might have some questions that i haven't even thought of yet to ask the doctors so any input would be great.

We also shaved his head completely now.

on a side note i've now been peed on pooed on puke'd on by my son :) the joys of parenting these are the things they don't tell you about in any book.

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