Saturday, March 6, 2010

First session done


for now

Luke really doesn't like the meds he's on and now were just down to eye drops.

So today we went back to the hospital to check out his eye and do his CBC's

Apparently this morning all of the doctors were discussing Luke's case and they think the reason for the pinkness in his eye is that the dead cancer cells are floating around in there and that since his white blood cell count has jumped up so high that his white cells are now attacking his dead cancer cells. THIS IS GOOD.
So they have him on antibiotic drops and a new steroid drop for his eye to help clear it up.
All his other meds are done Even the GCSF which is the needle that we gave him every day.
Just to back track a little. We give him a daily shot of this GCSF to help boost his white blood count which it has done. Instead of giving him a shot every day they put this thing in called an Insuflon catheter. Now when i saw this thing in the package and when they told me where it goes i was like at you kidding me that's huge it's going to kill him. Well today since there is no more GCSF they took it out and the nurse is like you can do it, and I'm like NO i can't it's going to hurt him and it's nastily big and gross. She looks at me like I'm on crack.
We go into the room and she's like fine you distract and I'll do it I'm say OK and I'm like Luke look here and she then tells me she's done???? NO WAY i look down and this thing is the size of a lug hair small tiny little thing i was soo confused. I'll post pictures of all this soon

So now Luke is patch free and all he has is a small scar on his chest and neck and a pick eye he does still have his hair and both his eyes.

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