Friday, February 26, 2010

After 1st chemo update

We left the hospital Tuesday and went over to the in laws for dinner Luke promptly scarfed down his fav food "bread" followed by some water and a bite or two of chicken wings.
Wednesday saw Luke feeling better eating, playing and talking up a storm.

He's been OK at nights he vomited a couple times the first couple nights but that seems to be under control. He's on a bunch of meds to stop him from vomiting so I'm sure they are helping.

Wednesday he got his cold back that he had been fighting before all this started so now his nose is running like a tap and he's soo grumpy and just wants to be held. last night (Thursday) he wasn't sleeping at all and i had to bring him to bed with me because my ample belly is the only soothing thing to him (as he naps on me now)

He's no a real fan of all the drugs that he's taking
I'll list them if your curious

GCSF - he gets this once a day from the home care nurse and it help boosts his white blood cells.
Benedryl- helps prevent the allergic side effects of one of the other drugs
Lactalose - helps him poop
maxeran - makes the bowels move because one of the drugs given during the chemo slows down the bowels
ondansetron - helps stop the vomiting
zithremax - is an antibiotic to help fight infections.

no hair loss yet and it's been 4 days since his first chemo. were not sure if he will lose his hair so we haven't shaved his head yet.

We go on Monday for blood tests to see how his blood counts are if his platelets are too low he may require a transfusion. but he's a tough kids so i don't see that happening. they also check his white/red cell counts.

his bandages came off and we got our first look at his scars from the central line. the one on his neck isn't too bad the one on his chest is about an inch and a half long.

well that's it for now will update Monday if nothing of interest happens

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