Monday, February 22, 2010

First day of chemo

Another really long day sitting in the hospital.

show up at 8 am and pick the good bed.
Off to sign in but wait they don't have us on any list oh oh. Oh well i go back tot he room to see whats going on.

Waiting for doctors orders to get things rolling. Starting pre Chemo meds.
that takes 30 mins to do then in comes this big glass jar which is a part of the chemo treatment a lot of this drug and a little chemo which takes about 5 hours to do then there is another 2 hours of hydration and then also today we did some sort of antibiotics which took 4 hours.

things we learned today

how to change diapers with rubber gloves on.
if your going to be hanging out in a hospital for a long time bring slippers.
make friends with the people around you talking to other people makes the time go faster.
when doctors tell you he's going to sleep for 8 hours they lie. i spent most of the day cuddling him cause he was soo grumpy and he fought the drugs till about 4pm
feeding is not a good idea no water no cereal.
watching your child throw up is a hard thing to do and you can't cuddle them cause then they throw up on you.
bring more baby clothes or use the hospital clothes cause they can only pee on so many outfits before you run out.

Vaseline is your new friend.

back tomorrow for more.

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