Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chemo day 2

Another long day

Luke again didn't like the treatments tossing and turning all day except today he settled around 2:30 which was nice.
Doctor came in and talked to us again explaining stuff.
I went and picked up his meds from the pharmacy the government covered most of them and my insurance cover part of the one that wasn't so the price wasn't too bad.

Today they took out the Port which is the part that sticks into the catheter which is under the skin. So now all you see is the scar on his chest slightly above his right nipple. Scars are OK cause "chicks dig scars" i would rather a scar then no eye.

Coming home wasn't bad at all there was no vomiting like yesterday (sorry dad)
we went over to the in laws for dinner and after yesterday seeing him groggy and sleepy we expected the same today but he was eating bread an drinking water and even managed a bite or two of a chicken wing. Lets hope he keeps it down....

I had to go to shoppers and get more Vaseline, benedryl and polysporine.

If all goes well tonight then we don't have anything to do till Monday where we will go for a CBC blood test.
So now we wait and see how his body will react to the chemo. He may loose his hair but we won't know till later in the week.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get use to being puked on but apparently it's part of fatherhood so I'll deal with it.

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