Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today was a big day.

We woke up at 4am to travel to the hospital and be here for 6am.
We arrived at the hospital and were taken to a room where we started the long process of the day
Taking Luke vitals and getting him ready for the surgeries.
Then we met with his doctor a very nice woman who sat down with us to go over the days events.
1. lumbar puncture
2. bone marrow test
3. insertion of a central line.
4. removal of his eye

She asked us our concerns and when we asked if she was taking the eye she gave us this shocked look and said i don't think were taking the eye. My wife and I looked at each other with shock disbelief and any other emotion. But we were told "if it was that bad you'd be taking the eye"
no no no she said here is the criteria for taking the eye
1 If the tumor had gotten out of the eye. Either through the optic nerve or through the front wall of the eye into the blood.
2 very high amounts of pressure in the eye
3 severe irritation (redness around the eye)
4 no vision at all.

and because there might be a chance for vision in his left eye if the tumor shrinks they won't take the eye yet.

WOW what a relief. he keeps his eye for a little longer at least.
so then in came the doctors who put him to sleep to explain the risks and what they were going to do. they also asked if we wanted to come in to help put him to sleep i of course offered to go cause i got a little white suit and booties and a hat. most of which was way to small for someone of my size.

In we went and i held him down and comforted him while they gassed him to sleep.

about 40 mins later the doctor came out and told us things looked better in their then we had thought the mass in his left eye was massive 5mm but there was still hope that everything would go well (she even seemed kinda excited)
this news coupled with the fact they weren't taking his eye lifted our spirits now we just had to wait till the put the central line in.

this particular central line would be used for chemo treatment i didn't get a chance to see what it looked like but if i can find a picture I'll post it.

We also met with a genetic counsellor and she explained some things to us but will go over genetics with us later.

Also the social worker came by to see how we were doing and to offer us some assistance with certain things.

we then waited as the rest of the family showed up to be supportive. although no one got to see him till around 5pm. there was a slight complication when he woke up. Luke has a cold and so his oxygen levels were low so it took awhile to get them back up and as a precaution they kept him overnight.

Everyone is really helpful and very willing to share their knowledge with us about everything and it can be kinda overwhelming considering that just a week ago we were a regular family to go from that to almost having our son loose an eye is quiet the roller coaster of emotions and stress.

were getting through it though and my wife and i are supportive and talk more now then we ever did before about "feelings"

Our next major hurdle will be on Friday when they do a GFR which is a kidney test to make sure that his kidneys can handle the intense chemo treatment they want to give him.
Thursday we have a hearing test just to make sure that his hearing is OK i guess I'm not sure why were checking his hearing but when i find out so will you.

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