Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hearing test

So after spending a night on a not so comfortable chair beside Luke's bed and because he was such a grump last night he spent a portion of the night on this little chair making my night a lot longer.

The worst part was that we were woken up with an announcement calling CODE BLUE which was soo loud i thought it was our nurse so i sat straight up freaked out looking around and looking at the nurse like OMG whats wrong.

so at 10 we were met by our oncology nurse a great woman who is very helpful with explaining everything. We went with her to get Luke's main line cleaned which consists of them removing a small amount of blood from the line which contains heparin which is a blood thinner and it stops the blood from clotting in the line. Then they flush the line to get all that out with some saline which is just some clean saltwater. then they put in another dose of heparin. Looked painless kinda scary the first time you see it.

Then we were off to the hearing test. The reason they do the hearing test i found out is because the form of chemo they will be giving Luke or i guess with all chemo is a chance of hearing loss.
The lady went about her tests with Luke but he first tests she did were not conclusive we think it's because he still has a bit of a cold and there is a lot of pressure in his ears.
The next 2 tests we were lead to a small sound proof room which was kinda weird to be in. They make a bunch of sounds come from 2 speakers and it's supposed to make the child look there by seeing how well each ear hears. unfortunately Luke was too busy playing with the toys that he hardly cared about the noises. Also when Luke grew up there was 9 people in the house so it was pretty loud at dinner times and family times.

After the tests it was back to our room where we sat down with our oncology nurse and she explained things to us like.
- signs that would mean trouble when Luke comes home after chemo.
- side effects of drugs
and other stuff that I'm sure she'll tell us again. She wrote it all down but i haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Then our oncology doctor came in and got us hooked up with home care people that will come this weekend and flush Luke's main line so we don't have to go back to the hospital.
then home for a quick nap and then back out for running around to catch up with other things that we need to deal with and of course our phones and ipod and everything else we had died
** note for next time bring chargers for or things**

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