Sunday, February 14, 2010


This seems to be all we've been doing so far. waiting for doctors waiting for tests.

Today we had t show up at the hospital at 8 am JUST in case there was a spot open for an MRI. This means Luke is not allowed to eat or drink at least 4 hours before the MRI. That's OK because 8 am he's just woken up and he'll hopefully be OK till about 10 or 11 without food. well seeing as the doctor didn't show up till 10 am ish not much really got done we just waited well i slept and the wife entertained Luke. Luckily Sick Kids has a great toy room and he had lots to do.

So the doctor shows up and puts in the orders for Luke's blood work and talks to someone who says OK well the little guy can have an I.V. but still no food. Now i start getting upset I'm not going to let my kid sit there for 12-14 hours without eating just seems wrong seeing as at home he eats SO much. So i tell them we'll wait till 3 and then see if we get into the MRI 3 pm 4pm still nothing. I had to go to work at this point so the Luke and my wife stayed the night in the hospital. I'll meet up with them tomorrow, When we MIGHT get our MRI.

the point of the MRI is to tell us how far progressed the tumors have gotten. If they are really bad in his left eye then when we go in on wenesday they will remove his eye(from what i understand). It will also tell hem if he has developed Trilateral retinoblastoma which means tumors have started to develop in what is know as the third eye which is located in the middle of the brain. If your going to get it might as well go all the way eh?

So now we wait some more.......

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