Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kidney test

On Friday we spent the day in the hospital again.
We went for a kidney test for Luke to find out whether or not his kidneys can handle the dose of chemo he will be receiving.

Th day starts at 8am meeting up in the same room that he will also be getting his chemo in.
the nurses hook him up to an I.V. so that they can fill him full of fluids. After about 4 hours we take him down to a clinic where they "try" (because he's so chubby it's kinda hard to find a vein)
to put in the radioactive material that will be absorbed into his kidneys and then excreted out.
the take pictures and they do blood work to see how fast the dye is run through his kidneys.

While we were waiting for the tests we sat down with the oncologist.she explained some more things to us like we will have to wear gloves and aprons and protect our selves while changing his diapers. apparently the chemo is excreted into his diaper and it can transfer to our skin should we touch it. Also we have to use a lot of Vaseline on his bum and groin to protect his skin from burning. this is going to be kinda hard for me cause I'm a baby powder kinda guy I'm not a fan of smearing anything on another mans groin even if it is my kid. So we'll leave that up to the wife.

then home for the weekend to prepare for Monday and Tuesday which will be his first 2 days of chemo.

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