Friday, February 12, 2010

Telling the family

My wife told her family yesterday after we got back from the hospital. The news for them was really hard to hear as they had just lost heir granddaughter 4 months ago from a congenital heart defect where she had a hole in her heart. Loosing her had devastated them and this news hit them like a brick. We did our best to reassure them that we were not going to loose Luke but i`m sure their still thinking about the one word ``CANCER``.

I wasn`t sure if i wanted to tell my family right away i didn`t want them to start treating luke differently or thinking they couldn`t come around or whatever people would think. i also didn`t want to be answering questions cause i don`t know anything yet. But i decided around 12am that it was as good a time as any. I called my mom first and work her up to tell her. At this point i finally broke down and cried as i told her everything i knew i answered some questions and hung up the phone and went and hugged my wife.
Next i phone my dad he was awake he wasn`t sure how to take it and i`m guessing he`s still digesting all this too. i then called my older sister and she cried and got mad and went through the emotional roller coaster one goes through with these things for us.

Then today i called my older brother and my little sister. By this time i had a little speech ready which is the same one i will use for everyone else.
- Luke has a rare for of cancer
- He`s at Sick Kids and they are 1 of the top 5 hospitals in the world for this.
- i don`t really know much just yet waiting for the MRI
- it`s a 1 in a million chance of him getting this so were going to get him to play the lottery this weekend
-worse case he dies not so worst case he looses his eyes not not so worst case he looses his left eye and so on.
- i`ll let you know more when i know more.

Both of them took it the same mostly shock. Everyone has told us the same thing if we need anything to let them know.
My wife and i are both strong people and we know that we could rely on both our families for anything which makes this a little easier.

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